"Because the story matters!"

Irene (photojournalist) and Danielle (writer) met while independently travelling by motorbike in the Indian Himalayas. Soon they decided to combine their skills as riding reporters to make journalistic reports of under-exposed projects. First goal: South-America. Naturally, they decided they would visit all the projects by motorcycle. The Riding Reporters will garner attention through their unique combination of passions - photojournalism, writing, travelling and motorcycling. This attention will be harnessed to publicize the work of under-exposed projects that are helping the vulnerable in the world. Information will be disseminated through the creation of photo stories and writing of national and international media articles.

get involved

Alongside the goal to bring the projects to the attention of a wider audience is the desire not arrive empty-handed in the communities that The Riding Reporters are endeavouring to help. Financial support for projects such as these is always greatly appreciated. Even a small amount of money can provide some relief. To achieve this, the Riding Reporters Foundation has been established.
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about us

Daniƫlle Boelens (1969) started working as a croupier at Holland Casino Scheveningen in 1989. By then she was already making motorcycle trips and visited almost all of the North- South and West European countries in the following twenty years.
Irene Wouters (1980) completed her studies as a photojournalist in 2003 at the School for Journalism in Utrecht. She founded her own photo agency Irene Wouters Photography and began studying Law.
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image bank

During the trip abroad an image bank will be made of at least 200 high quality, professional photographs.
The pictures will be printed on alu-dibond and can be bought as art by individuals or companies.
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